• $1000 Vet Bill Assistance

    (If a vet treats your pet while lost, Fetch ID will cover up to $1000 of the vet’s bill.)

  • $500 Return Flight

    (When a lost pet is found over 500 miles away, they will be covered up to $500 to fly home.)

  • 24/7 Lost Pet Alerts

    (Vets and shelters are alerted in the lost pet’s home area.)

  • Automatic Lost Pet Poster

    (A Lost Pet Poster is automatically created for you to print.)

  • AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup

    (Enter the ID number for complete pet profile and owner contact information.)

  • Fetch ID Microchip Lookup

    (Enter the ID number for complete pet profile and owner contact information.)

  • NanoCHIP ID Microchip Lookup

    (Enter the ID number for complete pet profile and owner contact information.)

Fetch ID Registration costs $19.99 per year with easy automatic yearly renewal.
You don't have to do anything to renew.

If you don't register your pet's microchip will not work.
If a rescue who found your pet searches your pet's ID number, your pet's information (Photo, Breed, Name) and your contact information (Phone Number and Email) will not be available.

You must register to create an account in your name with your contact information.



How Microchips Work:

Pet microchips are pre-programmed with an unique ID number.

Once registered, your contact information will be linked to this ID number.

If your pet is ever lost, shelters and rescues will be able to contact you directly.

When Registered:

Your Pet Is Found!

A Shelter or Vet Scans Your Pet


You're Contacted!

One Search & The Rescuer Can
Contact You Directly

Your Pet Comes Home


What they are:

  • Best chance for a pet to
    be returned home
  • Readable by universal scanners
  • Permanent

What they are not:

  • GPS
  • Homing devices
  • Programmable
  • Battery Powered


What to do if your pet goes missing:

Cats and smaller pets (like ferrets and rabbits) are especially prone to going missing in the home. Make sure to thoroughly check; Laundry rooms, crawl spaces, attics, basements, dressers, closets, garages, and all nooks and crannies. Try also leaving food out for them to find.

Sign in to your account and send out a lost pet alert. This alert will go out to local shelters and rescues in your area. Be sure to specify the appropriate zip code, if your pet was lost out of town.


IMPORTANT: Before sending an alert or printing a lost pet poster, make sure your pet's photo is current and clear and your contact information is up to date.


Send Alert

Display and distribute this poster around the area the pet was lost.


Include; Intersections, Supermarkets, community centers, libraries, schools, police stations, neighbors, vets, groomers, and more.


Sign in to your account to print a lost pet poster:


Print Poster

Searching the area in the immediate vicinity of where you last saw your pet is very important. Go slow and pay close attention to areas that may offer sheltering (Like bridges, ravines, picnic tables, etc.). Be sure to ask any pedestrians you see if they recently saw your pet and leave your contact information or a lost pet poster with them.

If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media account, post information and a current photo of your missing pet to friends and followers. Ask them to spread the word and help further the search.

It may seem like a long shot, but go back to where you last saw your pet and leave an article of clothing (preferably something that you've worn for at least a day) and go back and check this spot often.

Check in with all of the places you have contacted to see if they have heard anything or have any updates.


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