How do I Register? How do I add my Contact Information? I am having Trouble Registering or making changes. I want to Cancel a subscription. I have a question about a Charge. I just adopted a pet how do I transfer my contact information?

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Please, go to nano CHIP's Support page:
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You can change your contact information in the account section.


You must register to add contact information.


This is typically an issue with the user's browser

Please do the following:

1.) Quit and Restart your browser.
2.) Try registering or making changes again.

You must register to create an account in your name with your contact information.


Select one of the following:

I just registered and don’t want automatic yearly renewal. I no longer have this pet. I didn't want my account renewed None of these apply

Select one of the following:

Why was I charged from "FETCH-ID.COM NANOCHIP"? I believe I was charged in error. None of these apply

The latest charge you received was for
Fetch ID Subscription Services.

Registration Includes:

Report Lost Pet 24/7

(Notifies Rescuers of Pet's Status When Searched.)

Automatic Lost Pet Poster

(A Lost Pet Poster is automatically created for you to print.)

$1000 Vet Bill Assistance

(If a vet treats your pet while lost, Fetch ID will cover up to $1000 of the vet’s bill.)

$500 Return Flight

(When a lost pet is found over 500 miles away, they will be covered up to $500 to fly home.)

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